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Becoming a (self) compassionate & psychologically flexible therapist.

Presented by Mary Sawyer

This workshop is for you, the therapist. Whatever you are doing, whatever your clinical background, Mary will focus on meaning and well-being. Whether you are an ACT therapist or not, shaping yourself how you wish to be in session and in your personal life can be a struggle. Compassion and connection with your clients develops with clinical experience, for some with ease for others with struggles. Applying the same principles of care and compassion to yourself can be more challenging.
Part of this experiential workshop will give you the space to be yourself, and experience the appertetive and affiliative processes that may show up in therapy or your personal life. The other part will give you some skills to take with you to make meaningful changes to your life and to your clinical practice, no matter how small for the betterment of yourself and those you serve.
This workshop will draw from the work of Paul Gilbert, founder of Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). The healing properties of compassion have been written about for centuries, including the Dali Lama who connects compassion with happiness. CFT is an integrated and multimodal approach that draws from evolutionary, social, developmental and Buddhist psychology, and neuroscience. 
The aim of the workshop is to help you develop an internal compassionate relationship with yourself to replace the blaming, condemning and self-critical one and be able to explore this further with your clients.
Shame and self-criticism are trans-diagnostic problems. A key element of CFT is related to the observation of individuals prone to high levels of shame and self-criticism. These individuals can find it very difficult to generate feelings of contentment, safeness or warmth in their relationships with others and themselves.
By the conclusion of the workshop you will:
1. Understand the social creation of the self-evolutionary process.
2. Review the threat response and the triggers to emotions.
3. Practice the art self-compassion as a buffer to the psychological impact of negative events.
4. Use experiential exercises to get in touch with the compassionate self to assist soften the critical self.
5. Learn how to step out of the threat response loop into awareness of awareness.


Cost: $298.00. Early bird $228.00

When: Thursday 14th May 2015. (Sydney)

When: Friday 11th September 2015. (Melbourne)

Where: Aerial UTS Function Centre - Level 7, 235 Jones St Ultimo NSW



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