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Iridology is an alternative health approach that is understood to diagnose health conditions by examining the coloured portion of the eye, commonly known as the iris. The approach is based on the concept that every organ within the body corresponds to some section of the iris. By evaluating the current condition of this part of the eye, it is possible to identify the origin of health symptoms currently impacting the individual.


The concept of iridology has been around for centuries. The examination of the eyes as a means to identify illness was common in ancient Greece. Writings from the 17th century record diagnosing illnesses by examining the conditions of the eyes. Along the way, a chart of the eye identifying how each organ within the body corresponds to some portion of the iris was developed. Ignatz von Peczely is considered by many to be the father of modern iridology during the 19th century. During the 20th century, Bernard Jensen was understood to be a leading light in the procedure. Interest in iridology has continued to expand during the 21st century.


The process of iris diagnosis is not intended to be a treatment strategy. Rather, the understanding is that by examining the various characteristics of the iris, it is possible to identify the presence of disease or malfunction with one or more of the bodily organs. It is not unusual for a homeopathic physician to also be trained as an iridologist, or to work along with a person who is trained in iridology. Often, once a condition is diagnosed, a treatment program is developed that often includes dietary changes, vitamin and herbal supplements, exercise, and mind relaxation techniques.


Persons who promote iridology often see the approach as being a useful alternative to conventional and sometimes invasive diagnostic measures. Iridology does not involve any type of invasive procedure, which may be attractive to many people. Along with the ability to diagnose physical health issues, iridology is also understood by proponents to be useful in identifying emotional, mental, and spiritual ailments as well.


Opponents of iridology note that evidence for the effectiveness of this diagnostic method is mainly anecdotal. To date there are no examples of structured tests conducted within a traditional scientific environment that prove the ability to accurately diagnose illness by examining the iris.



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